A traveling in Japan starts from Sanri

A meaningful traveling is not only a physical walking, but also a collision and communication of the mind in a foreign land, a foreign nation and a different culture.
So, how to plan a deep journey of mind is a major subject in today's tourism industry.
Since its establishment, our Company has been deeply rooted in Japan with local tourism-related resources such as hotels and buses other domestic travel agencies unreachable and a group of guides and staff resident in Japan who have rich experience and love tour. Select Sanri, we will return you a soul trip.


  • Group Tour

    Our company has a good cooperation with
    the local hotels and restaurants.
    We have received about 25,000 overseas tourists every year.

  • Private customized tour

    “A customized tour belongs to you”
    created by an experienced private customization master.

  • Other forms of tourism

    Our Company is also actively organizing
    and planning special purpose trips
    such as MICE, etc.

We have served 25,000 overseas tourists every year. A good cooperation with the high-level hotels and restaurants is a great advantage of our company.

  • An out-of-the way tour around five lakes of Shiretoko and Kushiro Wetlands.

  • Stay at four stars or five stars by C-trip high-class hotel tour.

  • Representative Hokkaido golf tour.

  • Japanese cuisine tour including original Japanese crab menu at KANI HONKE.

A team that loves tour in repeated communications with you to design a travel plan that belongs to yourself.

  • A tour on the tongue tip (with beautiful scenery, delicious food and fresh sushi and sea urchin rice-a complete eater trip that weight loss always starts from tomorrow).

  • A local experience (like the locals to experience the beauty of the season changes, observe wild little animals-we are also serious about travel).

  • Feel the festival style (experience the festival style, wearing Yukata, arm in arm, see fireworks, taste powdered green tea drink and appreciate beautiful woman).

  • Crazy snow season (although you may feel bitter cold in heavy snows, you can experience the fun of snow in here).

Our Company also actively takes part in the exhibition tourism, Japanese medical examination, peasant family fun experience tourism and some special forms of travel services.

  • In 2017, hosted the high-end meeting of over 300 employees of China Life Insurance Company Ltd.

  • In 2018, planned the winter tire testing activities of Michelin Company's Shanghai branch.

  • In 2018, helped to plan the Tokyo Auto Show of Shenzhen Huili Automotive Service Co., Ltd.

  • In 2018, helped plan the winter ski trip in Hokkaido organized by Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

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Trade Name SANRI, CO.,LTD.
Representative Director Name of Certified Zhangqi Liu
Business Outline 1. Travel Planning& Consulting, (Air & Ship tickets, Accommodation, Japan Railway, Tourist Facilities, Restaurants, Rental Car, Bus, Taxi arrangement.)
2. Another Business of Internet sales.
3. Tour conducting and Translation, Traveling related business.
4. International Business.
License No. Holder of Tourism Registration No.2-657 by the Governor of HOKKAIDO Prefecture
Affiliations Japan Association of Travel Agents
Address:Head office 6 Minami Odori Building, Odori Nishi 10, Sapporo Japan   
Date of Establishment June,2014
Bank References North Pacific Bank,Ltd.
Mizuho Bank,Ltd.
The Hokkaido Bank